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Diagnosis is the baseline for treatment in any healing modality, therefore it is crucial to obtain an accurate diagnosis at the outset. The AcuGraph® Digital Meridian Imaging™ system is at the cutting edge of evidence-based Acupuncture.

AcuGraph is like a lab test for acupuncture. The Chinese believe in the universal energy form known as Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) and AcuGraph provides instant graphical analysis and interpretation of your meridian energetics in nine different graph styles, such as yin/yang and five elements, in a format you can easily understand.

Bliss Acupuncture use AcuGraph in our clinic to help clients receive the most accurate diagnosis possible. The effects of ancient techniques have been enhanced thanks to the help of modern science, and in turn, ensure we get to the root of any problems our clients are suffering from.

As your treatment progresses, the incredible results you may experience are tracked by subsequent AcuGraph examinations. It’s amazing to see at each treatment session how your results compare to previous sessions.

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Benefits of Acugraph

Accurate diagnosis

Track progress before and after treatments

Effect of ancient techniques are enhanced by support of modern science

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qi and how does it relate to AcuGraph?

Qi moves through our body in channels of energy that are like constant flowing rivers. The harmony and balance of Qi is essential for good health. These channels, known as acupuncture meridians are linked to the organ systems in the body. Along the meridians many acupuncture points are mapped out. When dis-ease or dis-harmony occurs there is a blockage of Qi leading to excess or deficiency of energy in the body. This leads to unwanted symptoms of poor health.

Will I have access to my AcuGraph results following my treatment?

Yes. All clients who receive an AcuGraph exam will be emailed detailed information on each graph after their treatment. If you have any questions about your AcuGraph results, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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